Joseph Funaro, President and Chief Executive Officer

Joe FunaroThe Summit management team is led by President and CEO Joseph F. Funaro, Ph.D., who has over 40 years of experience in both government and industry as an innovator in training and human factors technology.

A former Marine Corps and Naval officer, with over 23 years of active duty experience, Dr. Funaro is thoroughly familiar with the technical and practical aspects of successful business operations and program management in the defense environment. He has served in high-level leadership positions in both government and industry. Dr. Funaro has a proven track record in business development. He is especially adept at taking companies into new functional areas or product lines.

Corporate Vision

Summit Technologies, Inc. believes that people should be the primary focus of management because they are the key to outstanding products and services. Summit’s management team has put this belief into practice by developing and refining the Summit formula and applying it to a wide range of products and services. The Summit formula is composed of the following elements: